Belair National Park

Weekend Itinerary

All photos are from real people posted on Instagram in Belair National Park

Belair Caravan Park

Day 1

Picnic Brekky


Start the day off right with a big breakfast from either the comfort of your own cabin or find a spot in a field to sit down and take in the beauty that Belair National Park has to offer. With plenty of bird life and kangaroos around in the morning, be sure to keep a keen eye open for the park’s gorgeous creatures. 

Lorikeet Loop


Lorikeet loop is a great first walk to take trough Belair National Park. Being around a 1.5 hour walk (3km) that is relatively flat, it is a great walk for dog walking, jogging, wildlife spotting. The walk is also wheelchair accessible. As the name suggests, there are plenty of rainbow lorikeets on this walk so be sure to bring your camera! 

Picnic at Long Gully


You’re in Belair National Park! You have to have a picnic at any opportunity you can. There are plenty of BBQ grills around in the national park, or pack some sandwiches and sit on the field looking for some cheeky kangaroos and emus!


Game of Tennis


Be sure to bring some tennis rackets and have a game of tennis. But remember, it is a South Australian National Park so you might have a few spectatures such as emus, kangaroos and koalas!

Tennis court bookings can be made online.


Wittunga Botanic Garden


Take a trip to Wittunga Botanic Garden for a nice walk amongst more luscious flora. Before you get to the park swing by one of the many coffee shops in Blackwood such as Delicia; to enjoy your drink, whilst surrounded by the many different species of plants and flowers.

Swiming Pool & Fire Pits


If you’re visiting Belair Holiday Park in summer, then be sure to take a swim in our pool which is open summer months and through to Easter! Then we do have some cozy fire pits which can be borrowed from the office to warm up with in the winter months from May 1st through to November 15th , so grab a blanket and hot chocolate. The pool and fire pits are open to all guests of Belair Holiday Park so depending on your time of year bring your bathers or blankets! Firewood is also available from the kiosk at great discount rates.

Adventure Playground


Belair Adventure Playground sits in Belair National Park and is a super exciting time for the kids! Surrounded by the 800 hectares of bushland this adventure playground has the best background you could ask for. With tonnes of different play areas in the park there is hours of fun to be had. 

BBQ Dinner


Burgers? Watching Kangaroos? The sunset with a sky of cockatoos? Sounds pretty perfect. Be sure bring some buns, patties and veggies and fire up one of the grills in the Belair National Park for a great evening dinner.

Belair Caravan Park

Day 2

Morning Yoga


Want to fully immerse yourself in nature whilst you’re staying at Belair National Park? Why not do a yoga session to wake up for the exciting day ahead? There are plenty of fields that are ideal for a yoga session. Caution: Some koalas might be watching 

Brekky with a map


Time to whip up some breakfast, maybe pancakes, maybe brekky wraps? Who knows? But we know one thing for sure… Take out your Belair National Park Map and plan your day ahead. There are plenty of hikes to take in the park so be sure to pick one that you feel comfortable with. All trails offer different views and landmarks; happy pickings!

Waterfall Hike


One of our favourite walks in South Australia’s Belair National Park is the Waterfall Hike. It is 3 hours (6.5km circuit) and is a fairly moderate hike. Surrounded in shrubs, with plenty of wildlife this walk is truly amazing. Keep your eyes up in the trees and you’ll be sure to spot a handful of koalas.



You’ve just taken a long walk so be sure to treat yourself to a nice lunch. If you’re not feeling the idea of making yourself a picnic you could stop by Blackwood and pick up some great food from one of the many restaurants and take-away spots.

Old Government House


The Old Government house sits in the heart of the Belair National Park and is set in a gorgeous garden. Open the first and third Sunday of each month and public holiday from 1 to 4pm. For history buffs and architecture fans this is a great place to stop by when in the park! 

Bird & Roo Photography


Grab the camera, a water bottle and a strong competitive spirit! It’s time to test your photography skills. Belair National Park is home to South Australia’s animal icons such as the kangaroo, emu, kookaburra, koala, cockatoo and many more. They are everywhere! Just need to keep an eye open (and an Instagram filter ready). 

Willos Picnic for Dinner


What a long weekend! You’ve seen so much and truly immersed yourself in nature. The Belair Holiday Park is your gateway to the Belair National Park and hopefully you had an amazing time! Time to have your last picnic, spread out on a field, and enjoy one last sunset over the gum trees.