Belair National Park

7 Day Itinerary

All photos are from real people posted on Instagram 

Exploring Belair National Park

Day 1

Picnic Brekky


Start the day off right with a big breakfast from either the comfort of your own cabin or find a spot in a field to sit down and take in the beauty that Belair National Park has to offer. With plenty of bird life and kangaroos around in the morning, be sure to keep a keen eye open for the park’s gorgeous creatures. 

Lorikeet Loop


Lorikeet loop is a great first walk to take trough Belair National Park. Being around a 1.5 hour walk (3km) that is relatively flat, it is a great walk for dog walking, jogging, wildlife spotting. The walk is also wheelchair accessible. As the name suggests, there are plenty of rainbow lorikeets on this walk so be sure to bring your camera! 

Picnic at Long Gully


You’re in Belair National Park! You have to have a picnic at any opportunity you can. There are plenty of BBQ grills around in the national park, or pack some sandwiches and sit on the field looking for some cheeky kangaroos and emus!


Game of Tennis


Be sure to bring some tennis rackets and have a game of tennis. But remember, it is a South Australian National Park so you might have a few spectatures such as emus, kangaroos and koalas!

Tennis court bookings can be made online.


Wittunga Botanic Garden


Take a trip to Wittunga Botanic Garden for a nice walk amongst more luscious flora. Before you get to the park swing by one of the many coffee shops in Blackwood such as Delicia; to enjoy your drink, whilst surrounded by the many different species of plants and flowers.

Swiming Pool & Fire Pits


If your visiting Belair Holiday Park in summer, then be sure to take a swim in our pool which is open summer months and through to Easter ! Then we do have some cozy fire pits which can be borrowed from the office to warm up with in the winter months from May 1st through to November 15th , so grab a blanket and hot chocolate. The pool and fire pits are open to all guests of Belair Holiday Park so depending on your time of year bring your bathers or blankets! Firewood is also available from the kiosk at great discount rates.

Adventure Playground


Belair Adventure Playground sits in Belair National Park and is a super exciting time for the kids! Surrounded by the 800 hectares of bushland this adventure playground has the best background you could ask for. With tonnes of different play areas in the park there is hours of fun to be had. 

BBQ Dinner


Burgers? Watching Kangaroos? The sunset with a sky of cockatoos? Sounds pretty perfect. Be sure bring some buns, patties and veggies and fire up one of the grills in the Belair National Park for a great evening dinner.

Explore Adelaide City

Day 2

My Kingdom for a Horse


My Kingdom for a Horse is a coffee roastery in the Heart of Adelaide City and a great start to your day in the city. To get to the city either use public transport such as the train that runs into Adelaide City or drive (11km). My Kingdom for a Horse has friendly staff, delicious drinks and a wonderful menu! 

Rundle Mall


Rundle Mall is an iconic street in Adelaide, South Australia. If you’re travelling from overseas and visiting Adelaide then you must walk down this famous shopping mall. With plenty of shops that suit any type of shopper, plus great places for coffee!

Two Bit Villian for Lunch


Burgers, sundaes and delicious housemade sodas with the best vegetarian options that Adelaide has to offer. Located on Rundle Mall this is the place to stop for your lunch!

Adelaide Botanic Gardens


Adelaide Botanic Gardens is a public garden at the north-east corner of Adelaide city. This is a famous landmark of Adelaide City and is a wonderful walk with more flora and Instagram opportunities than you could be prepared for.



South African BBQ dishes in a vibrant dining setting puts this restaurant to the top of Adelaide’s great eateries. The food is top-notch and is genuinely a must-try if you’re looking to eat at a fine-establishment in South Australia.

Peel Street


Peel St is the place to be when going out in Adelaide City. It is elegant and vibrant with tonnes of different bars to walk to. The street has plenty of cocktail lounges and so many different drinks to try. The bars may be a bit pricey but the vibes and luxury comes along with it.

Belair Caravan Park

Day 3

Morning Yoga


Want to fully immerse yourself in nature whilst you’re staying at Belair National Park? Why not do a yoga session to wake up for the exciting day ahead? There are plenty of fields that are ideal for a yoga session. Caution: Some koalas might be watching 

Brekky with a map


Time to whip up some breakfast, maybe pancakes, maybe brekky wraps? Who knows? But we know one thing for sure… Take out your Belair National Park Map and plan your day ahead. There are plenty of hikes to take in the park so be sure to pick one that you feel comfortable with. All trails offer different views and landmarks; happy pickings!

Waterfall Hike


One of our favourite walks in South Australia’s Belair National Park is the Waterfall Hike. It is 3 hours (6.5km circuit) and is a fairly moderate hike. Surrounded in shrubs, with plenty of wildlife this walk is truly amazing. Keep your eyes up in the trees and you’ll be sure to spot a handful of koalas. 



You’ve just taken a long walk so be sure to treat yourself to a nice lunch. If you’re not feeling the idea of making yourself a picnic you could stop by Blackwood and pick up some great food from one of the many restaurants and take-away spots.

Old Government House


The Old Government house sits in the heart of the Belair National Park and is set in a gorgeous garden. Open the first and third Sunday of each month and public holiday from 1 to 4pm. For history buffs and architecture fans this is a great place to stop by when in the park! 

Bird & Roo Photography


Grab the camera, a water bottle and a strong competitive spirit! It’s time to test your photography skills. Belair National Park is home to South Australia’s animal icons such as the kangaroo, emu, kookaburra, koala, cockatoo and many more. They are everywhere! Just need to keep an eye open (and an Instagram filter ready). 

Willos Picnic for Dinner


What a long past 2 days! Enjoy your evening picnic at Willos in the Belair National Park and get some rest for the next day. Tomorrow we’ll take a drive to the town of Hahndorf, famous in Adelaide for being picturesque and full of fantastic food!

Exploring Hahndorf

Day 4

Herbees Garden Cafe


Herbees Garden Cafe is a gorgeous little breakfast spot in Hahndorf and a great spot to get energised before tackling the big day ahead. With meat and delicious vegan options this cafe meets everyone’s needs. It has quirky vibes and friendly staff.

Handorf Main Street


Hahndorf main street offers shops, galleries, studios, cheese makers, leathersmiths, jewellers, craft brewery, cellar doors, distilleries, chocolatiers and even more! Plus it has tonnes of restaurants and cafes for everyone’s liking. So be sure to stroll down the street to get a taste for everything this German town has to offer.

Hahn & Hamlin for Lunch


Hahn & Hamlin is a quality restaurant in Hahndorf offering a true taste of South Australia. With a South Australian menu available, you can get a great spread of local cuisine with a beautiful vibe at this great lunch spot.

Beerenberg Strawberries


When in season, you can go strawberry picking in Beerenberg Farm. This is such a fun activity to do and the strawberries taste absolutely amazing! 

Hahndorf Hill Winery


Hahndorf Hill Winery is a vineyard nestled in the Adelaide Hills that has beautiful wines and fantastic views of the region. So be sure to grab a tall glass and sit back and relax whilst enjoying the fine tastes of South Australia.

Woorabinda Bushland


Woorabinda Bushland Reserve is a beautiful park that offers a great walk around the pond. With birds nestled in the trees and pond, this is a great hidden gem of South Australia.

Yiros by Playford Lake


Grap a Yiros from Yiros Brothers in Blackwood and head back to the Belair National Park. Grab a spot by the Playford Lake and dig into your grub as you watch the birds in the sunset and the kangaroos come out for a bounce.

Exploring Adelaide Hills

Day 5

Microcarpa Hike


The Microcarpa Hike is a walk that takes you through Belair National Park and is a 1 hour 45 minute walk (4.5km). Be sure to look for koalas as they will hopefully be everywhere! Or if you would like to do a longer hike try the Adventure Loop Trail which explores the far reaches of the Belair National Park.

The Shed Cafe


The Shed Cafe is located in Warrawong and is the perfect place to stop for lunch. With vegetarian options and options for kids as well this is a great place to grab a bite. Plus, with views of Australian birds you can’t complain!

Warrawong Wildlife Park


Head off to Warrawong Wildlife Park. It is a gorgeous wildlife park in Adelaide Hills that has kangaroos, koalas, emus, Australian birds and even platypus! They have shows on as well to get up close to the animals which is a must with kids or overseas tourists.

Adelaide Wineries


South Australia has plenty of fantastic wineries to try out. Between the vines, Barristers Block and Sidewood are just a couple of beautiful wineries that Adelaide’s regions has to offer.

Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens


After indulding in a great wine at Between the Vines head to Mount Lofty Botanic Garden. With charming trails, beautiful trees and plants, and even cute wildlife this place is the perfect place to wind down and take in what nature has to offer.

Dinner at Melt


Hyde Park’s Melt on King William Road is a wonderful pizza and tapas restaurant that offers absolutely fantastic meals. It’s got great vibes, great prices and on a beautiful stretch of street to walk down.

Dessert at Lukoumades


If you have a sweet tooth then be sure to try “the Greek Donut” being Lukoumades. On the same street as Melt (King William Road in Hyde Park) this dessert experience is just delicious! It’s genuinely really tasty and such a unique and fun new thing to try if you haven’t already.

Exploring Victor Harbor

Day 6

Urimbirra Wildlife Park


Urimbirra Wildlife Park is a gorgeous Open-range wildlife park just outside Victor Harbor. Start the day by feeding kangaroos, petting koalas, feeding emus and seeing hundreds of native Australian animals. This is a must visit when travelling down to Victor Harbor!

Port Elliot Bakery


Port Elliot Bakery is known as one of South Australia’s best bakeries due to the amazingly weird and exciting new treats that are added regularly. The creations are equally delicious and insta-worthy so be sure to stop here for a cheeky lunch. 

Victor Harbor Tramway


The Victor Harbor Tramway takes you to Granite Island. A horse-drawn tram will take you from Victor Harbor (the mainland) to the island or you can walk along the causeway.

Granite Island


Granite Island is a tiny island off of Victor Harbor famous for the small colony of wild Little Penguins. They are not easy to spot but the island is still a great place for a walk along the beautiful rocks and views. Reward yourself with a stop in the cute cafe on the island. You can also visit the Nature Park with dusk tours to spot the cuddly Little Penguins.

Big Duck Tour


Big Duck Boat Tours is a great way to see seals, sea lions, dolphins, whales and the beautiful coastline of Victor Harbor. The tours range in prices and focuses, so be sure to choose a tour that focuses on what you are hoping to see. 

Boomer Beach


Boomer Beach is a fun beach with great waves for surfers. This is also a fantastic place to take in South Australia’s great sunsets. There are also paths to walk along the Port Elliot, Victor Harbor and Middleton coastline.

Exploring McLaren Vale

Day 7

Dowie Doole Cellar Door


Dowie Doole is the perfect way to start your morning. You’re in South Australia so you have to try McLaren Vale wine, it’s as good as it gets with wine! Dowie Doole is set in the middle of a 53 hecare vineyard and wonderful tasting options.

Lunch in McLaren Vale


McLaren Vale has plenty of lunch options so be sure to search for what interests you. We recommend Beach Road Wines as they have an amazing pizza range with fanastic views to go alongside it.

Samuel’s Gorge Winery


If you like red wine then these guys are the experts. McLaren Vale’s Samuel’s Gorge Winery is a great spot on your day trip. With wonderful views, this cellar door will be a great experience and there is plenty of greenery for the kids to run around.

Beresford Wines


Beresford Wines is one of South Australia’s top-notch wineries that offers you classy food, delicious wine, great tasting options and plenty of lawn to run around or have yourself a picnic.

Hugh Hamilton


McLaren Vale’s Hugh Hamilton Wines is the next stop on the day trip. If you want panoramic views of vineyards, with homegrown olives, and in-shop made wines then this winery is the scene to be at.

Down the Rabbit Hole


Down the Rabbit Hole is the last of the wineries for the day. This place was designed for Instagram and is perfect for large groups of people. Being the last stop of your McLaren Vale trip be sure to snap a tonne of photos!

Jackson Hill Lookout


Jackson Hill is a hidden gem in McLaren Vale, unknown by most. 2 Minutes down the road from Down the Rabbit Hole you can find this spot filled with hundreds of wild kangaroos. Be sure to drive slowly and bring your camera!